Materials Due on: August 30, 2018

  • 1. A fully charged Digital Camera is required for this course and must be brought to EVERY class.
  • 2.Course Fee:TBA
  • 3. A Notebook
  • 4. Working E-mail Address
  • 5. USB used only for this class

Re-Do's of Assignments

One (1) assignment per 9 weeks may be re-submitted for a new grade. 

Course Description:

This is a serious fine art photography class. It is an introduction to the History of Photography, Traditional Darkroom Photography, Digital photography, Photo Crafts, Learning how to take successful photos and completing written Critiques/ Essays. Students are required to bring a Digital Camera to every single class, as well as the charger. Students must make sure that the camera is fully charged and can be used immediately when the class starts. Students are required to print 5 photographs at their own cost for the end of the year show in April/May.


-Make sure your camera is fully charged and functioning properly when you come to class as we will use it at the beginning of every class. Failure to have your camera working could result in a “Z”. Be responsible and ready for each class.

-Do not be late to class. Students are considered late if they’re not sitting in their assigned seat when the bell rings.

- Students may NOT work on other class projects or assignments while in photography class.

So how is Photography graded?

You EARN your grades. I do want all of my students to get good grades. Your grade is your responsibility. You can keep a high average grade by completing every assignment, turning it on time and doing well on it.

School Board Policy 5200 – ATTENDANCE

If the absences are excused, all educational requirements for the course shall be met before a passing grade and/or credit is assigned. The student shall have a reasonable amount of time, up to three (3) school days, to complete make-up work for excused absences. (Email or see Mrs. Keller for the missed work). Principals may grant extensions to the make-up time limit for extenuating circumstances. Regarding make-up of the work missed as a result of unexcused absences, each principal shall establish site-specific policies that encourage both regular attendance and high academic achievement, and shall review and modify these policies from time-to-time as required to maintain and improve their effectiveness.

Unexcused absences do not require that the teacher provide make-up work for the student.

In certain cases where the 9 weeks ends and you DON'T turn it in by the day that grades close- the grade becomes a “Z”. Be careful and watch the calendar for this!

One (1) assignment per 9 weeks may be re-submitted for a new grade.

 Isn’t it all good just because it’s creative expression?
Yet, that’s not the case, particularly not in Art, Photography or Ceramics. I grade using a rubric with categories ranging from Craftsmanship to how well you used the elements & principles of design. After each category has been given a grade, they’re averaged together to determine the grade for the piece.